This herbal chai will warm you up from the inside with a touch of red chili. It compliments any grey morning with a zest of mint, a hint of spice and the sweetness of flowers.

Ingredients : Peppermint, Spearmint, Elderflower, Meadowsweet, Yarrow, Cinnamon Chips, Red Chili Flakes, Cardamom.

How to Brew : This tea can be brewed as any cup or tea or made as a chai. For an 8-16 oz cup of tea use 3/4 Tablespoon of loose leaf tea. Steep for 3 - 5 mins (or to taste).
To make a chai use 3/4 Tablespoon of Tea per 8-16 oz of water. Boil for 10 mins in a covered pot. Turn off heat and steep for 10 - 15 mins. Mix 2/3 chai with 1/3 of your favorite milk and a touch of honey.

Tea is sold in a 3 oz bag.

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